What makes us different?

Our services are designed for our youth using an innovative, client-centered model of care. Next-generation therapy for the next generation or put simply, #NextGenTherapy.

Our Mission

Our mission at Atlantic Wellness is to ensure youth and young adults have timely access to professional, coordinated mental healthcare services regardless of their ability to pay.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build connected, resilient youth who have the positive coping skills they need to reach their full potential within their community and beyond.

How do we achieve this mission and vision?

It’s only through the dedicated efforts of our staff, collaboration with our partners, and the continuous financial support of our community, foundations, and municipalities through donations and grant funding that we fulfill our mission. We couldn’t do it alone!

Our Core Values The core values of Atlantic Wellness are Belonging, Growth, Confidence, and Authenticity. These values have been identified over time as the key to our long-term success as a center. They are the foundation of every decision we make regarding the future of the center and our clients. These values are present in every staff member.

  • Belonging – We want everyone who enters the center to feel accepted, cozy, safe, and connected. That’s why we’re located in a converted home with comfortable, youth-friendly offices. There are no stark, white walls here!
  • Growth –  We support our clients in achieving personal growth and also aim to grow our services to meet the changing needs of our community.
  • Confidence – Atlantic Wellness is a strength-based organization. We want our clients to develop resilience, self-esteem, and the ability to advocate for themselves. It is so important they learn the skills to be in charge of their own mental wellness!
  • Authenticity – Our goal is to work with you to become aware of your individual identity and to accept and love your “true self”. As an organization, we strive to be transparent with the community about our operations.
  • Partnership and Collaboration – We foster strong community partnerships for the purposes of mental health advocacy, fund development, and wrap around support systems for youth and families.