Trish Smith

If you asked me a year and half ago to describe the sounds heard in my home while getting ready for school in the morning, I would not be able to share happy ones….

“I don’t want to go, please don’t make me”
“I have no friends”
“I can’t do it”

Things would either then turn to anger or tears; I never knew which one it would be. Then after getting her to school the texts would begin….

“Please don’t make me stay”
“I can’t be here”

This coincided with loss of friends, loss of passion in her favorite sport, loss of motivation. As parents all we could provide was unconditional love but were ill equipped to do much more.

Flash forward to today and the sounds you hear are very different. You will get to see two sisters going back and forth into each other’s rooms sharing clothes. You will hear lots of playful banter and all 3 girls teasing their mom.

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